ONA Prince Street Review: With Sony A7 Mirrorless System

The Leather Prince Street messenger bag by ONA in antique cognac is my current most used camera bag. The $389.00 price tag is far from inexpensive, but with the price comes quality, functionality, and style. 

My Prince Street is currently filled with Sony full frame mirrorless cameras. There are two bodies, an A7 and A7ii and three lenses, two of which are attached to the bodies. The lenses are a Zeiss Loxia 50mm, Sony 90mm Macro, and a Zeiss ZM 25mm f2.8 Biogon with adapter. In addition to the cameras and lenses are filters, cloths, cables, batteries, tripod plates, a rocket blower, and even a Manfrotto Pixi Mini tabletop tripod. As you can see in the photo below, the bag is pretty much at its capacity and takes a bit of Tetris skills to properly pack it and actually get it to close. Also, you can see that if you utilize a vertical battery grip this may not be the bag for you. 

In addition to the leather ONA offers the Prince Street in three waxed canvas versions for the approximately $100.00 less than the two leather versions. I owned the larger Brixton in waxed canvas and was quite happy with the material. If you plan to take a Laptop (13 inch) the Brixton will be the choice for you. I have found that the Prince Street is a more comfortable bag to carry even though I am a larger guy. I found that the extra width of the Brixton caused it to sway more and that I would bump in to more of my surroundings. This would increase the rate of fatigue and result in my shoulder being sorer quicker. I have gone on several longer hikes with my Prince Street with very little fatigue even with similar load outs. Again, the Brixton could hold my 13" laptop as well as my 3 Legged Thing Rick carbon fiber tripod when needed. I would still highly recommend both bags to the photographer looking for a bag that incorporates both functionality and style, however I did decide to sell my Brixton as the Prince Street had completely taken over the role of messenger bag in my kit.