Sony FE 90mm f2.8 Macro G OSS: Real World Review

Disclaimer: Macro is one of my favorite genres of photography, so this lens is a must have. 

When evaluating the FE 90mm one word comes to mind: versatile. This medium telephoto lens can be used for portrait, landscape, product, and of course macro photography. The 11” minimum focus distance allows for 1:1 reproduction with stunning levels of detail, but at any other distance it is just a sharp, image stabilized 90mm f2.8 lens. In short this lens is currently the only native FE autofocus macro lens available and it is a good one. The focus clutch feature allows for fast transition between autofocus and manual focus, which I find incredibly useful in a macro lens, the image stabilization allows for increased flexibility when capturing handheld images, and level of detail resolved allows for cropping when needed. Optically this lens seems to be completely resistant to flare and chromatic aberration.  

One thing this lens will not provide is all of the above functionality in a compact size. While many consider mirrorless a preferable option due to the smaller form, as I do as well, lens design must also account for the full frame sensor and short minimum focusing distance. This lens seems large, but balances comfortably on the A7II. During my brief time with the original A7 this lens felt unbalanced due to the smaller grip. This lens is also not the fastest focusing piece of glass, but neither was my Canon EF 100mm L IS Macro. The raw files produced with this lens are not as punchy as Zeiss lenses I have had the pleasure of using, but the amount of detail it produces is incredible. I really do not find this to be much of a negative as a quick trip to Lightroom and a little knowhow alleviates the issue and allows for more creative input. My two real complaints are the focus shift in macro ranges and the shaky image stabilization, but they are by no means deal breakers. When approaching minimum focusing distances the lens appears to become more telephoto, which changes framing. For still subjects this is not much of an issue, but when trying to capture moving subjects handheld it can be frustrating. I also find that the image stabilization is not nearly as smooth as I experienced when I was using Canon's premium macro lens. This lens is incredible and something I could not manage living without in my FE ecosystem, but it's not perfect.  

Below is a small gallery showcasing the versatility of FE 90mm f2.8 Macro G OSS lens