Buffalo, NY: A Photography Destination

There are fantastic photographic opportunities in and around Buffalo, some world famous and others less known. While Iceland, New Zealand, Italy, Greece, and Hawaii are just a few of the destinations I would like to bring my camera, this list is comprised of locations within a 45 minute drive.

Niagara Falls

This iconic location can be viewed from either side of the border, maybe just maybe Canada has a better view, but my shots are from the U.S. side. Be prepared to encounter crowds, as it is a popular tourist destination.

Our Lady of Victory Basilica

The attention to detail inside and out offer the opportunity to capture fantastic imagery.

Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens

Great for any flower/macro photography fan

Gallagher Pier/Grain Elevators

For sunsets over the water

Buffalo Lighthouse

Tucked away next to the Coast Guard Station you can find a small outdoor park focused on the history of Buffalo lighthouses

Akron Falls

Offers a variety of looks depending on the water levels. In addition to the waterfall, Akron Falls is located in an expansive park offering a variety of other photographic opportunities. 

Architecture throughout Buffalo

Whether you appreciate modern or classical design, take a stroll through the city. As you may be able to tell I prefer the older buildings.