What’s the most important piece of photography gear?

Considering our options we could say the camera, a favorite lens, or even the space between our ears; but let us consider accessories. This again is not so clear cut, and is also dependent on your goal(s) as a photographer. If you are a people photographer it might be a flash unit or a favorite light modifier. While I enjoy photographing a variety of subjects, my favorite piece(s) of equipment are my tripods. My main tripod, which falls under travel size, is a 3 Legged Thing Rick. This is a light-weight carbon fiber tripod. It seems to have been updated since I purchased it with a new ball head and is going for $250. Next in my lineup is the Joby Gorillapod Focus with BallHead X ($100). I utilize this tripod when there are railings to mount it on or to achieve a low perspective. Both the tripods mentioned above, or rather there ballheads allow for landscape or portrait orientation. The last tripod I own, and my most used is the  $25 Manfrotto PIXI Mini Tripod. While it only allows for landscape compositions, it is extremely small and lightweight. The form factor allows for me to throw it in any bag or even larger pockets. While it is a compromise in function, it is a piece of gear I always have with me, and therefore is frequently utilized.